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Learn how you can start using After Effects to increase the production quality of your videos in only 4 weeks!

A 4-week hybrid online course and mentorship program taught by VFX Artist and YouTuber Drew Kocak. This course is meant to take you from After Effects novice to pro in 4 weeks!

This course is for you if you've been wanting to learn After Effects but have been putting it off because "you can already edit just fine in Premiere/FCPX/Davinci."

This course is for you if you're a full-time filmmaker and would like to expand your post-production offerings for your clients to start charging more for your work.

This course is for you if you watch YouTube tutorials on After Effects but don't truly feel comfortable to create effects from scratch within the software. 

This course is for you if you're a travel vlogger and would like to up your editing game by learning editing techniques used by YouTubers like Drew Kocak, Sam Kolder, JR Alli, or Benn TK. 

Still not sure? Take a free look at Module 5 from Week 2 on how to create a 3D Tracked Particle Effect taken directly from the course here.

What you'll need:

  • An After Effects subscription
  • A computer to edit on and attend group meetings (meetings can be attended on a phone as well)
  • A camera to film on (highly recommended, but not necessary)

What you'll get:

  • Lifetime Access to the Online Course Material (includes text and video content covering material listed in syllabus below)
  • 4 Live Demonstrations of the material by Instructor (time will be determined based on student availability, demos will be recorded and provided to students afterward as well)
  • Daily Office Hours with Drew (to help you work through creative assignments and personalize your learning experience)


Course Syllabus (11/15/2020-12/13/2020):

Week 1 - After Effects UI, Basic Motion, Time Remapping, Keying, and Masking (FIRST DEMO 11/15, TIME: TBD)

  • After Effects User Interface and Important Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Basic Motion Keyframing
  • Time Remapping Techniques and Speed Ramping
  • The Versatility of Masking
  • Keying Techniques and When to Use Them
  • Week 1 Assignment - Subject Duplication and Speed Ramping

Week 2 - Compositing, Coloring, and 3D Tracking (SECOND DEMO 11/22, TIME: TBD)

  • What is Compositing and Why You Need to Become a Master of It
  • Using Color Correction Techniques to Composite More Realistically
  • Color Changers, Glow Effects, and Lens Flares
  • 3D Tracking Your Videos and Compositing Objects in 3D Space
  • 3D Tracked Particle Effect
  • Week 2 Assignment - Environment Transformation

Week 3 - Transitions, Motion Detail, and Importance of Sound Design (THIRD DEMO 11/29, TIME: TBD)

  • Transitions: Why Less is More
  • Motion Detail and Motion Keyframing for Improved Visual Flow
  • Seamless Transition Techniques (Zoom Transitions, Slide Transitions, etc.)
  • Wiggle Effects to make your Transitions HIT
  • Fade Transitions and How to Use Them Without Looking Cheap
  • Blur Transitions & Adding Motion Blur to Transitions
  • Using Sound Design to Bring Your Edits to Life
  • Week 3 Assignment - Seamless Transitions, Smoothest Transition Competition

Week 4 - Effects on Effects on Effects (FOURTH DEMO 12/6, TIME: TBD)

  • Hyperlapses Hyperlapses Hyperlapses
  • Animation Using the Puppet Tool
  • Saber for Text and Line Animations
  • Wave Warp and Turbulent Displace
  • Using Content Aware Fill to Seamlessly Remove Any Object in Your Video
  • Building Grow Effect
  • Week 4 Assignment - The Importance of Storytelling

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