Music Videos 🎥

Artists shown (in order): A^2, Nick Bonin, Lil Mosey, Trippie Redd, Diplo, $wavy D, Rich Threadz, Booe, Busy Monyy, Blueface, London Alexis, Eileen Robles, Fe'la Iniko, 1takejay, Mozzy

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Full Music Video Production

Directed, Shot, Colored, & Edited by me



Story-driven videos that don't require heavy edits and visual effects to draw attention.

  • treatment included
  • one day of shooting
  • little to no VFX, hard cuts



My standard music video package. Also story-driven with realistic VFX sprinkled in to complement the story.

  • treatment included
  • one day of shooting
  • VFX & transitions sprinkled throughout

Advanced VFX


Visual effects driven music videos where story may or may not be important. Packed with visual eye candy.

  • treatment included
  • one day of shooting
  • heavy VFX & edits throughout video

NOTE: I charge a day rate of $800 for additional days of shooting.

Post-Production Rates

All my videos are edited in Adobe Premiere & After Effects



Up to 3 minute long videos

  • color space conversion to rec.709
  • color correction
  • color grade



Up to 3 minute long videos

  • full cut of your video
  • no color / VFX
  • send me your footage



Up to 3 minute long videos

  • seamless transitions
  • green screen & compositing
  • 3D tracking / addition of 3D objects
  • subject to upcharge for videos with extensive VFX

Full Post-Production


Up to 3 minute long videos

  • full cut of your video
  • color correction & grading
  • VFX editing included

Note: contact me at [email protected] or via Instagram DM @drewkocak for pricing on videos longer than 3 minutes or for any desired custom packages not shown.

Music Video Reel

The majority of my music videos are directed, shot, colored, and edited by me. A select few of the videos shown, I only did the editing & VFX for.

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